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Published Jun 04, 2015 - 03:21 PM

UNC Alumni blast their alma mater

“So,” Reed says, “we were admitting guys who had a lot of trouble
reading and writing, and they were taking courses like Arts and Crafts
for Elementary School Teachers.
They learned how to make turkeys out of pine cones.

Link to SI Story

Published Mar 13, 2015 - 08:25 PM

We at CAROLINASUCKS.COM would like to extend our sincere condolences to a sporting legend.

Born into humble beginnings in 1931, he went on to become one of the game's greats and an ambassador of the sport. He was recognized everywhere and always had a nice word for everyone he met.

Not only was he a multiple champion but a great innovator of the game. During the 1960's he welcomed black players with open arms.

Beyond all the accolades and successful career, he was a church-going man and a truly good person.

We'll miss you, Billy Casper. Billy Casper 1931 - 2015.

Published Feb 08, 2015 - 04:02 PM


We ran across this in a 2006 LAWRENCE JOURNAL ARTICLE

It seems UNC's newest coach, hired this week, was a key culprit in the scandal at Kansas and helped put them o­n probation.  This is the same probation that Roy Williams contributed to by giving impermissible benefits (cash and coats) to players. 

From the article: Former football graduate assistant John Papuchis, who's accused of being heavily involved in multiple violations, attended but was excused after his accusations were discussed early o­n.

Papuchis, under Mangino's watch, apparently was the unnamed G.A. listed in the report as allegedly committing academic fraud. The football coaching staff also was charged with impermissible assistance for helping junior-college recruits become eligible before they were officially KU students.

From an article at

Graduate assistants and student tutors (who were unnamed and
identified o­nly as "XXX" in the report) were cited as wrong in helping
enroll seven prospective juco transfers in correspondence classes,
monitoring their daily studies, permitting them to use computers in the
coaches' offices, allowing three students to share answers for an o­nline
quiz, ... helping prospective
student-athletes with tutoring and answers to correspondence exams, and
mailing exams to Brigham Young University o­n behalf of the students.

The graduate assistants... also admitted
to providing transportation to the prospective student-athletes between
FSHS and KU, another violation.

Graduate assistants, student tutors and the prospective
student-athletes weren't named in the report in compliance with federal
law. But KU's two graduate assistants in 2003 were Mitch Running and
John Papuchis.

Published Jan 25, 2015 - 12:15 AM



Published Oct 23, 2014 - 12:18 PM

We Be Smart

New billboard spotted near Chapel Hill

Published Jul 12, 2014 - 03:43 PM

Connect the Dots
Once again the eyes of the sporting world are resting o­n Chapel Hill.  The “PJ Hairston Circus” has talking heads o­n every major sports website wondering what, where and how will Roy  Williams deal with PJ and his seemingly self-destructive behavior. And that is exactly what unc wants them to do. 

Obviously unc didn’t want PJ Hairston to get busted multiple times this summer. Or tweet pictures of himself shot gunning beers o­n Masonboro Island just a few short days after his arrest in Durham. But I’m sure the “powers that be” in Chapel Hill would much rather the nation focus o­n yet another perceived “rogue” individual connected to
their university than for them to dig deeper into what is really going o­n in their hallowed halls that has set the culture for such actions to occur.    

Luckily for the nation News & Observer reporter Dan Kane has been digging deeper into the scandal that is rocking the state of North Carolina in general and the University of North Carolina specifically to it’s very core. Kane recently wrote an article in the News & Observer pertaining to University Faculty Chairwoman Jan Boxill pushing a faculty committee o­n academic fraud at the university to change the wording in their report to avoid further
raising NCAA issues. The three authors, Steven Bachenheimer, Michael Gerhardt and Laurie Maffly-Kipp, as evidence by the email correspondence provided by Kane, begrudgingly acquiesced to Boxill’s suggestions. Kane’s article ignited a bit of a buzz among national media and seemed as though it may lead to further scrutiny of the university when PJ o­nce again was ticketed and the spotlight shifted back to the rogue athlete, diverting attention away from the true unc scandal.
So much so that it barely caused a ripple when ten days later the unc faculty issued a statement signed by sixteen members, including the three authors of the report in question, expressing their support of Boxill and her leadership as faculty chair. We found it interesting that Bachenheimer, Gerhardt and Maffly-Kipp would attach their name’s to the statement given their previous reticence at giving Boxill any ability to alter their report, so we decided to do a little digging ourselves.    

We found it interesting that Boxill, a non-tenured Professor was the faculty chair and as we questioned each other and ourselves as to how a non-tenured professor could attain such a prominent position at o­ne of the country’s most esteemed public universities, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. The first item o­n her accomplished resume that caught our attention was her stint as the head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of Tampa from 1981 to 1984, highlighted by her being named the Sunshine State Conference Coach of the year in ‘84. Her final year as the head coach at the University of Tampa. And her role as the Athletic-Academic Coordinator at the university from 1983 to 1985. She arrived at unc the following year, 1985, as a Visiting Assistant Professor while splitting time between unc and nearby Elon College before focusing her efforts in Chapel Hill and in 1990 her
presence began being felt in the unc athletic department as she was given the role of Tutor Coordinator/Supervisor, unc-Student Athlete Development Center.    

We found her connection to the academic support team for unc athletics, a department which has been under turmoil and scrutiny for the past three years, most interesting to say the least.

Coinciding with Boxill’s arrival at Chapel Hill was that of another visiting professor in 1984, Dr. Julius Nyang’oro, another in a long line of “rogues” involved in the academic scandal at
unc. Nyang’oro became a permanent faculty member at the university in 1988 and in 1992 became Department Chairman of the newly re-organized and re-named department of African and African-American Studies. A department which, like the Academic Support department of unc athletics, has come under tremendous scrutiny over the last three years with regards to academic fraud, non-existent classes and unauthorized grade changing. 

The thing that makes the department interesting in this instance is the presence of Bernard Boxill, Jan’s husband, who is listed as a professor of philosophy in the department of African and African-American Studies. Mr. Boxill an accomplished author who has been published numerous times and won multiple honors and awards  wrote o­n page 119 in his book “Blacks and Social Justice” an interesting passage that reads:      

“If an instructor offers an A to any student who chooses to have that grade, he offers his students a golden opportunity, but they need not try in order to realize it. They need o­nly to indicate that they choose to have an A.”
Interesting a professor in the African and African-American department at unc would have made such a statement. That no work would be required to get an A. Even more interesting that he also happens to be the husband of the Faculty Chairwoman at the university.
Dr. Nyang’oro has been made a scapegoat by unc. To the point the man abandoned his home, his career and fled the country. But there is a direct link from the powerful Jan Boxill to both departments and right back to her. It is our opinion Dr. Nyang’oro fled the country for the
same reasons Steven Bachenheimer, Michael Gerhardt and Laurie Maffly-Kipp altered their report.    

Jan Boxill knows where the bodies are buried. Jan Boxill holds the key to the closet with all the
skeletons. Jan Boxill has the power and you better not defy her.There is a reason Boxill didn't want the NCAA snooping around. Jan Boxill helped to craft “The Carolina Way.”

Thanks to StAugieDoggie for submitting this article.(Pictured above: Jan Boxill; Jimmy Hitchcock, Former NFL & UNC Football; Dwight Hollier, Former NFL & UNC Football; LaChina Robinson, ESPN Analyst; Jerry Stackhouse, Former NBA & UNCBasketball; Deborah Stroman, UNC Exercise & Sports Science.  From

Published Aug 02, 2013 - 07:54 PM

The Big Black Elephant in the Room

For nearly three years, University of North carolina athletics has come under attack. Multiple reviews and investigations have turned up improprieties including plagiarism, changed grades, fake courses, improper benefits…and the list goes o­n and continues to grow. As each investigation ended, more questions arose. How far back did the cheating go? Was <GASP>Dean Smith aware of it? Will unc have to remove some banners?

Well, no need to worry UNC fans. Chancellor Holden Thorpe and ex-Governor-turned-super-sleuth Jim Martin have put it all to rest, supposedly. At news conferences that included the Board of Governors and Trustees, Thorpe proclaimed all the troubles were “not an athletics problem” and were the misdeeds of a few isolated “rogues”. I’m not sure if the powers to be actually believe this, but it did put UNC fans at ease and appears to have thwarted any new NCAA investigation, at least for the time being.

But there’s o­ne problem. A big problem and he’s sitting in the middle of the room and being ignored by everyone, including the press, Trustees, Board of Governors, fans, etc. Heck, we’ll say it…Doesn’t anyone see the BIG BLACK ELEPHANT?

When Thorpe stated that “it is not an athletics problem, it is an academics problem”, he probably should have simply told the truth…IT IS A BLACK PROBLEM. In typical racist fashion, UNC has thrown an entire race of people under the bus and refused to even acknowledge it. The rogue professor? BLACK. The rogue assistant coach? BLACK. The rogue academic department? BLACK. My friend “Devil DJ” wrote to me about the blatant racism.

..."No white players penalized , no white professors or department heads blamed , no white football coaches dinged , no white administrators indicted , o­nly a single curriculum scapegoated when others , clearly , were involved. AFAM took the hit. Others didn't. Just as during slavery , black men weren't allowed to be educated , in part , because it took focus off their work in the field. Same today at unc. The school wasn't even trying to educate these guys. UNC wants 'em for two things o­nly...playin' ball an' entertaining the white folks. An' if the shet hits the fan? Well , we see who gets the blame."…

UNC’s internal investigations and the whitewash known as the Martin Report threw nearly all the blame at African Americans. It is unfathomable that ZERO white players took benefits or cheated in school, yet ZERO white players were punished. Do you believe o­nE rogue football coach, John Blake, was the o­nly coach who was aware of the cheating? Bubba Cunningham does. Dr. Julius Nyang'oro has had nearly all the blame for the academic improprieties placed squarely o­n his shoulders by unc administrators and investigators. Do you believe Dr. Julius and o­ne of his assistants was solely responsible for 200+ bogus classes and 400+ grade changes? Wade Hargrove does.

Devil DJ’s analogous reference to slavery is spot o­n. Just as the university o­nce owned and auctioned off slaves and the money put in the schools coffers to benefit white students, the current UNC administration and athletics department uses African Americans solely for their entertainment value. Who cares if the black athletes don’t learn a darn thing in school? Who cares if the degrees handed to them are worthless? Just run the ball, boy. Dance Mr. Bojangles…dance. - Leroy Corso

Published Dec 28, 2012 - 11:35 AM

It's not surprising that UNC is being busted for cheating

Back in January of 2000, was launched.   At the time, UNC was still enjoying its reputation as a clean athletics program.  The "Carolina Way" was in full force, even though Dean's book wouldn't be released for another four years.  Carolina fans wrote off the site as a "pack of lies".   The site began to evolve from a joke site to somewhat of a reporting site...usually passing o­n reports of arrests and cheating, but sometimes uncovering misdeeds.  

We've known for ages that UNC athletics is a band of cheaters.  Dean Smith coached over 30 years and never...not o­nce...turned his program in for even a minor violation.   UNC fans laud him for running a perfectly clean program, but any coach in the nation will tell you it is impossible not to break a rule every now and then.  Here's photo evidence of then-assistant coach Roy Williams giving a gift to recruit Kevin Madden.  Trivial?  Maybe.  But Roy's gift giving is well documented.

One of the first "reports" was the saga of Jason Parker, new coach Matt Doherty's top recruit.  Parker failed to make the required SAT, but he retook it and his score increased 45%.   Very similar to Roy's recruit (while at Kansas) DeShawn Stevenson going from a 450 o­n the SAT to an 1150 after flying to North Carolina from California to retake the test.  We passed along information about UNC admitting more academic exceptions than neighboring schools

We all know the stories of Jaworski Pollack and Kevin Madden...two partial qualifiers that magically graduated from the esteemed university. Mike Copeland somehow qualified to attend UNC. Carolina's academic integrity has always been in question, at least to us. 

Aleric Mullins was accepted as a partial qualifier five years after the NCAA abolished PQ's.  Jarell Miller was acceped by UNC, attended classes and then went back to prep schoolDwight Jones, Tydreke Powell and Ryan Houston were admitted after being rejected by Clemson.

Along the way, we noticed several instances that could (or should) be reported as NCAA violations.  Football players receiving free meals from local fans, Joe Forte's underqualified mom working for his agent's firm, illegal contact by a basketball coachUNC boosters throwing a thank you pizza party for area high school coaches, more illegal contact of recruits, Butch Davis hired Josh Adams' high school coach,  Bryn Renner's dad lands a coaching job in Chapel Hill, Tami Hansbrough lands a cush job with the university and Ed Davis mysteriously showing up o­n an agent website. Last but not least, we broke the story of Wayne Ellington's $400K house

Through it all, UNC coaches and AD denied everything and looked the other way.  Nowadays they don't have a choice.  Carolina has always "sucked".  The championships and bowl games in recent history won't change that.    We told ya so....many years ago. 

Published Aug 31, 2011 - 03:00 PM

Esse quam videri
Esse quam videri

On a near inherent level, native born North Carolinians understand those words. It is part of our cultural code, something imprinted upon us and speaks to the humility that has long defined the state and the people. It has attracted admiration and describes a people not restricted by the social stratification that so marked much of the South.

As the flagship university and one of the first public universities in the country, the university of North carolina at chapel hill was destined, in large part, to reflect greatly upon the people of this state. At great expense and with humble pride, the people of North carolina produced a university which reflected their great character. It was, at one point in the past, a true reflection of the people: gathering both the wealthy and the poor, enriching both at the same time while also advancing the welfare of the entire state. From Old East and the logocentric nature of its classical design to the efforts of Zebulon Vance, the university held forward what was best in western culture as well as North carolina culture, giving union to the two and producing a humble grandeur that was a reflection of working classes and upper classes.

Then a slow change began marked largely by the elitism of Frank Porter Graham and his effort to keep the university of North carolina at chapel hill apart from other state institutions. Such a contradiction in the character of a university long belying the richness of North carolina was noted by more than a few citizens. Over time a slow drift began between the university endowed with the the name of our great state and the people that defined the state. Time and time again, throughout the 50's and 60's, the university found itself more at odds with the vast majority of the people of the state than ever before. Instead of standing as a symbol of the richness of the people within the state the university instead began to reflect a disdain for the values of the state. Again yet with more pronounced whelps, the marked differences between what it meant to be a North Carolinian and what the university of North carolina at chapel hill represented became more clear.

Where the university once was a symbol of humble North carolina pride an inverse action began to take place. Pride in the university sports teams began to produce a mass elitism of the sort that Graham had first displayed in his desire to keep unc from being associated with North carolina State University and the University of North carolina at Greensboro. No longer did North Carolinians transfer their values onto the university but instead the success of either basketball or football programs produced a smug arrogance among certain citizens of the state despite their limited interaction with the university. A true perversion had manifested itself: no longer did the university serve as a reflection of the people but instead the university served to bolster the self esteem and self worth of a certain segment of people who no longer valued humility while placing emphasis on pride.

The rampant grade inflation and cheating at the university of North carolina at chapel hill are an embarrassment to the people of North carolina. How odd must it be for the grandchildren of cotton mill lint heads to "expect" to be given a grade in a class despite coming from a culture that never promised to give you anything other than a fair deal? Indeed the state has changed greatly in the last 40 years but it does not have to become something it was never intended to become. It does not have "to seem, rather than to be". In the end, the final conclusion that one must arrive at when you view how the university of North carolina at chapel hill has maintained its ability to admit, pass and graduate largely unqualified students in basketball and football is that a certain "myth" has been allowed to live far beyond what should have ever been allowed. Myths are not reality but distortions. Largely, the scandal will tend to reflect poorly on the people of North carolina despite the university having divested itself from the inherent character of the people in this graceful state. It is the university alone that carries the burden here for the falsehoods and the hypocrisy. In divesting itself from the proud humility that defined North carolina for hundreds of years, the university has also divested itself from the state motto.

Our summation is that the university of North carolina at chapel hill would rather "seem" than to "be".

And so the carolina "myth" has distorted our state's motto into its inverse: videri potius quam

Published Jul 29, 2011 - 11:44 PM

Butch Fired

Tarheel fans outraged.

Published Jul 28, 2011 - 08:23 PM

Shifty Butch Davis
Butch Davis has so far been able to distance himself from the cesspool of corruption through shifty tactics.

Butch did not fire John Blake. Blake submitted a resignation of his own accord because he claimed he did not want to be a distraction to the program. For his resignation, he recieved a large lump sum of hush money.

Butch has cooperated o­nly so much as is not incriminating for him. Will he release his emails, as requested? When asked for his phone records, he submitted a UNC issued phone with ZERO calls made or received. He has been using burner phones and personal phones to conduce state business with regards to the university and football program.

This is nothing but premeditated trickery in an attempt not to get caught in violations.

He allowed unfettered access by an agent runner/former player and cocaine distributor Chris Hawkins to the locker room, training center, etc.

The academic fraud running rampant through the football program greatly hinges o­n a tutor who had been fired from the university and then "hired" by Davis to tutor his son. This tutor spent thousands of dollars to clear player parking tickets while in the employ of Davis.

If Davis has been so cooperative, he would release bank records with regard to payments to this tutor who worked with his son and evidently wrote many papers for the football team.

Davis has been throwing people under the bus this whole time. We have a rogue assistant, a rogue tutor, both of whom were hand picked by Davis. We have rogue players blinging with Miami jewelry, training at NFL agent facilities, attending parties all over the country.

It is not possible for a control freak like Davis to be so abysmally stupid. He is the puppet master who snips the string whenever he thinks he is about to get in trouble.

The university has circled the wagons around him for what they call "big time college football" [Chancellor Thorpe's words]. No matter what you can actually pin o­n Davis, the responsible action would have been to clean out the corruption from the very start. However, there are no responsible adults in Chapel Hill, evidently. The crip classes offered for athletes is frightening. . .Jim Harrick's son got fired for stuff like this at Georgia.

Butch can keep playing his best Sgt. Schultz routine [I know nothing! I know nothing], which begs the question of would you rather have a cheat or an ignoramus as coach, especially o­ne whose pinnacle to date is a couple of tire bowl losses and a music city bowl win that was gift wrapped by referee incompetence.

In short, if anyone really believes that the o­nly thing Davis is guilty of is trusting a longtime and devoted friend of 30 years and that Blake acted without the consent, if not direction of Davis, then I have some beachfront property in Norman to sell you.

And PT Barnum continues to laugh, "I was right all along!!!"

This commentary was blatantly plagairized from the comments section of this article.

Published Jul 12, 2011 - 07:52 PM

Where is the unc BOG??? - StaugieDoggie Chimes In
We have been astonished at the silence of the unc Board of Governors throughout the scandal brought to unc by their football program. Their silence, to us, has been a resounding statement of complicity during the entire saga.It turns out we were right all along.

Permenantly banned unc defensive tackle Michael McAdoo has filed civil suit seeking reinstatement to the unc football program in Durham, NC. McAdoo, who was banned by the NCAA for accepting impermissable benefits as well as academic fraud, is being represented by attorney

Mcadoo is being represented by Noah Huffstetler of the law firm Nelson Mullins.Interesting to us is that Nelson Mullins has two, not o­ne, but two employees o­n the unc. Board of Governors. Those two are Vice Chairman Peter Hans and Budget and Finance Chair Charles Mercer Jr.Huffstetler is the managing partnerof the firm, so o­ne could assume he is their superior. o­nce again the inbreeding at unc produces a case of the tail wagging the dog.

The complete lack of integrity at unc and in the powers that be never cease to appal or astonish. Where is the unc BOG? they're suing the NCAA!

Published Jul 09, 2011 - 10:38 PM

Guest writer BlueDuke offers a perfect analogy
UNC administration and fans have put o­n display for all to see that winning is all that matters to them. All that talk about the carolina way and abiding by rules was BS from the get go. They are who we said they were : frauds. They're no different from OU, tOSU, UNLV,  or any other renegade program of the past. Rules mean nothing. Integrity means nothing. Academics mean nothing. Sad thing is they're making little effort to hide it now.

The facade that is the "Carolina Way" has been smashed by of all people the football coach. UNC has never been anything special in football and never will be. Yet they try to convince themselves with the right coach they're a "player". No you're not, holes. You've never been.

Big question is why they would throw all the appearance of integrity away for their stupid football team?

They're like a guy who throws away the cute girl next door with the spotless reputation to hook up with the campus slut. The girl next door won't blow people away with beauty but she's still cute and will always be stable and there would be no fear of her embarrassing you.

The slut is different. With her the guy won't have to work as hard to get what they're after and without the usual courtship. It's also easier to toss her away when they're finished with her. Then everyone finds out and to save face they try to convince their shocked friends that the slut is just misunderstood. "She's really not a slut"

When that doesn't go over with their peer group they play the "It's not what it looks like. I was drunk and don't even remember what I did" card.

When that doesn't fly they play the "Everybody hooks up with sluts. You'd have done the same thing. You just won't admit it" card.

They've forever tarnished themselves over a team that has never done anything. A team that has to look up to perennial football doormat Duke in conference titles. People forget with all their futility Duke still has more conference championships than UNC. Duke also still has a spotless reputation. Mind boggling to think UNC would throw away a clean rep for a roll in the hay with a slut and the slut wasn't even that good. 

O­ne more thing, that slut left you with a little something...a giant wart...which will never go away. Wasn't worth it was it?

You can read many more of BlueDuke's opinions o­n the
Csux message board

Published Jun 24, 2011 - 03:36 PM says UNC is a "sleeper' for National Title

Here's the link, believe it or not.   A team that is starting an unproven QB that is replacing their best quarterback in the history of UNC football.  They are also replacing their running backs.  They also have a suspect secondary. 
But they're a "dark horse" for a national title.  Ummm...okay. 

Published May 11, 2011 - 08:16 PM

Hansbro's Retarded Rendition of "Chicken Little"

The NBA Indy Pacers have a reading program that allows kids to call a number (317-275-4444) and listen to a player read a kids book.  Tyler did his best to get through this book without sounding like a tard. 

But he failed. 

He sounds like the audience that he's reading to...i.e. elementary school children.  
 Hey Tyler, it's LIBRARY not LIBERRY. 
We'll save you a nickel by posting a direct link to the audio file:  Here it is. Thanks to StAugieDoggie for finding this awesome reading.

Published May 04, 2011 - 06:07 PM

Delvon Simmons update

Remember him?  He decommitted from UNC after some shady recruiting.

Simmons felt a little deceived by North Carolina.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Simmons signed with North Carolina, but a few days later defensive line coach Brian Baker left to become an assistant coach with the Dallas Cowboys. Ward said Baker was probably the main reason Simmons chose North Carolina over Texas Tech, USC and Pitt in the first place. Baker had many years of experience at the NFL level.

"[Baker] had just come out of the NFL after 15 years and with that [the NFL] being a goal of Delvon's, that was real important to him," Ward said. "There were rumors a couple days before signing date that [Baker] was leaving. We called North Carolina and asked and were assured that wasn't true. Then a couple days after signing date, he in fact did leave."

Published Apr 17, 2011 - 07:03 PM

UNC Spring Game draws several hundred
According to, EXACTLY 15,500 UNC fans attended the Spring Football Scrimmage this past Saturday.   Now, we're no expert guesstimaters like Steve Kirchner, but doesn't this look closer to 5,500?  

Not o­nly is it embarassing to have o­nly 5K at your spring game, it's even more embarassing to LIE about your attendance. 

Published Apr 11, 2011 - 07:22 PM

Ed Hardin Hammers Butch Davis

...and speaks the truth.

An NCAA investigation at North Carolina casts a shadow over the ACC. The Bowl Championship Series, the sport's money-making alliance, is teetering from its own excesses.

Agents are o­n the sidelines. Runners are in the classrooms. Boosters are in the pockets of the players. Coaches are lying to the media and the NCAA.

Almost every day you hear solutions. Pay the players. Institute a playoff system. Name a commissioner of college football. Make freshmen ineligible.

Here's a better solution. Just fire Jim Tressel. Just fire Butch Davis.  What happened to accountability?

Link to

Published Apr 11, 2011 - 07:01 PM

2 of 3 to return
After all the speculation, two of the three big guns have decided to return.  
Leroy Corso and St. Augie Doggie have announced that they will return to CAROLINASUCKS.COM, despite the chance to hit it big o­n various blogs. 
"It was a tough decision," said Leroy, "but I love the life here.  We're a family."  

St. Augie Doggie also considered offers from various outlets but decided to stay.  "I'm the most hated man o­n the internet.  CSUX has given me the outlet to earn that title.  I can't turn my back o­n them."   

DevilDJ is still "reviewing information" and "is not as far along in his decision-making process as were Leroy and St. Augie."  He  hopes  to make his decision by the end of next week

Published Apr 06, 2011 - 05:37 PM

Roy Cheating Again?
With all the buzz surrounding Jimmer Fredette this season another feel-good story has emerged in Wilmington, NC as Stilman White has accepted a scholarship offer  from Roy Williams to play basketball at UNC. White, a Mormon, chose unc over BYU and others. Stilman will play o­ne year of basketball for unc before undertaking a two-year Mormon mission.

But that’s not what makes this story interesting. The interesting part is where Roy Williams and UNC have o­nce again violated NCAA rules. According to WECT TV6 on Tuesday, March 15th, Roy stopped by Hoggard High School in Wilmington to watch White workout. Not a big deal, Roy hadn’t seen the kid in person and wanted to see what kind of skills he had.
Except that it is against NCAA rules to hold such a workout:

A Division I or III member institution o­n its campus or elsewhere, is not permitted to conduct (or have conducted o­n its behalf) any physical activity (e.g., practice session or test/tryout) at which o­ne or more prospects reveal, demonstrate or display their athletics abilities in any sport.

You would think that with the NCAA already snooping around the unc campus that the university would take precautions to avoid such egregious misconduct, but cheating is so engrained in the Tarheel Way this is just business as usual for them.
It is as it has always been, Karolina Klass.

This article was written by the "Most Hated Man o­n the Internet",  St. Augie Doggie

Published Apr 01, 2011 - 02:49 PM

Butch is still violating NCAA rules
Let's get this straight.  Brian Baker was supposedly hired by UNC as a defensive line coach.  He goes out and gets the biggest fish in UNC's 2011 recruiting class to sign a letter-of-intent.  Then a couple days later he quits UNC to take a job with the Dallas Cowboys.  THEN we find out he  never signed a contract with UNC.  Therefore, he was in essence a runner. 

NCAA rules explicitly prohibit someone other than the coach or assistant coaches from contacting/recruiting a prospective recruit o­n behalf of a university. 

This is a blatant violation of o­ne or more NCAA rules: Permissible Callers. Institutional Coaching Staff Members General Rule.

All telephone calls made to and received from a prospective student-athlete (or the prospective student-athlete’s parents, legal guardians or coaches) must be made and received by the head coach or o­ne or more of the assistant coaches who count toward the numerical limitations in Bylaw 11.7.4 (see Bylaw Representatives of Athletics Interests.

Representatives of an institution’s athletics interests (as defined in Bylaw 13.02.14) are prohibited from making telephonic communications with a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete’s relatives or legal guardians. Employment Prohibition.

An institution may not employ an individual for the primary purpose of recruiting or evaluating prospective student-athletes and designate the individual as a coach if he or she does not reside in the institution’s general locale. Such an individual would be considered an athletics talent scout rather than a regular institutional staff member.

Butch has o­nce again spit o­n NCAA rules to enhance his football program, despite having NCAA sanctions looming.  If this isn't lack of institutional control, we don't know what is.

Published Feb 12, 2011 - 09:23 PM

Duke whips Carolina

Duke fans rub it in at the office.

Click HERE for a larger picture.

Published Feb 10, 2011 - 05:19 PM

Obnoxious Wal-Mart Heels Fan Makes an Ass of Himself in Atlanta
Here's your typical Carolina Wal-Mart fan making an ass of himself at the Atlanta Hawks game last night.   If the events of the last year or so didn't wipe out the concept of "Carolina Class", this should do the trick. 

This redneck (is he chewing tobacco?) felt the urge to attend the Hawks game and personally confront Larry Drew Sr. because he was pissed that LDII  (aka Larry Angeles) decided to transfer from UNC. 

He went BY HIMSELF to the Hawks game, bought a prime ticket, walked to courtside and yelled at Larry Sr.....filming himelf the whole time.   Rather pathetic, don't you think?  Reaction was mixed from Tarheel fans.  Some thought he was the jerk that he is, but others admired his "balls" and thought he was some sort of hero.

In case this loser deletes the video so he won't be embarrassed further, you can VIEW IT HERE in MP4 format (we downloaded the video). 

Published Feb 05, 2011 - 07:06 PM

Ex-Tarheel and father RIPPING Roy on Facebook
A very interesting Facebook conversation unfolded before our eyes the morning of February 5th, 2011.   This happened o­n Damion Grant's (another ex-Heel) Facebook page which started as a discussion of Larry Drew leaving the UNC basketball team.   Lo and behold, Rashad McCants' dad chimes in and later Rashad himself.  What ensued was VERY entertaining and gave us an insight into how Roy Williams sabotaged Rashad's NBA career. 

Published Feb 05, 2011 - 01:26 PM

Tarheel Fans wish the best for Larry Angeles

Tarheel fans everywhere are wishing the best for recently departed Larry Drew, Jr, aka DRU2, aka Larry Angeles.  No, he didn't die.  He simply left UNC

Here's a sampling of the best wishes from message board posters:

* Boozebay
- Good Riddance. That's all I am gonna say.
* yurrenmama -  AMEN! No Class.
* AlumniBlues - You want to talk about low? Look no further than Drews' I and II.  I am disgusted by the selfish and immature moves by Larry
* CHBORNBRED - F__k  Drew and his Dad.  What a loser.
* Schertler - Drew Sr. has shamed the coaching fraternity.  The drew family is really a piece of sh_t  for doing what they did.  It just sucks to have 2 piece of **** families like the wears and drews to have been part of our program.
* THgunner - When you get the chance at a dream job in the NBA, you jump at it. Drew Sr. has secured Drew II a job as towel boy for the Hawks.
* 4thHarry - He's a punk.

Nice job, Tarheel fans.  Here's a kid 2000 miles from home who's endured 2 1/2 years of criticism from YOU because he hasn't played to YOUR expectations.  God forbid he wants to be close to home to play ball.  

How could you leave beautiful Chapel Hill for a crappy place like LOS ANGELES????   You ran him off.  Be proud.

Published Feb 04, 2011 - 06:40 PM

AJ Blue Joins the UNC Rap Sheet Fraternity

North Carolina sophomore running back A.J. Blue was arrested Sunday morning o­n charges that included driving while impaired, driving with an open container of alcohol, and failing to maintain lane control, according to court documents.

The documents stated the athlete was arrested at 2:31 a.m. o­n Maple Avenue in Burlington and that he faces a March 7 trial date in Alamance County.

WTVD reported that, according to police, Blue had a blood alcohol level of .12.


Published Feb 04, 2011 - 02:41 PM

Coach K Leaves Dean in the Dust
UNC fans are in an uproar after Duke's Coach K passed Dean Smith o­n the all time wins list by winning #880 against UNC-Greensboro. 
The biggest complaint o­n the Inside Carolina message boards is that K "only played 9 players" and "Dean would have emptied the bench" during a rout, you know, because Dean was "classy".    

FLASHBACK....1997.....UNC vs Colorado....Dean going for win 877 to pass Rupp to become the all time winningest coach in NCAA history.

Dean calls timeout with less than 4 minutes to go UP BY 24 and substitutes for the first time in the game. One last chance for Dean to "humbly" bask in the spotlight.  In fact, he reinserted his starters very near the end of the game.

Let's look at playing time for the starters (Vince Carter was injured and o­nly played the first 9 min).

Okulaja 36 minutes, Jamison 35, Zwikker 35, Williams 36, Carter 9, Cota 35

It appears that DES played his starters virtually the WHOLE GAME. 
His other six players played a grand total of 14 minutes..  
Compare this to Duke the other night.  O­nly Nolan Smith played over 30 minutes.


Published Dec 30, 2010 - 05:29 PM


As UNC fans moped out of BKS and Butch Davis took his 4th ass whupping in a row from TOB and UNC players refused to shake hands, we realized how fortunate we are NOT to be associated with that band of cheaters from Chapel Hill. They sold their soul and now they're going through hell. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.


Published Nov 20, 2010 - 05:30 PM

A Prespective from a Duke fan regarding the "review"
From a long time poster and contributor Rachelix: 

I have ZERO doubt in my mind that had this entire situation happened with a man like Coach Cut as the coach, he would have cleaned his entire staff of anyone remotely connected, and either fired everyone connected to it and resigned himself, or seen that it was done and resigned himself, removed any player with a hint of connection to it, accepted full blame and responsibility for the situation, and wrapped the entire thing up within 30 days. The NCAA would o­nly have to apply some perfunctory sanctions as he would have seen to the program being cleansed.

The longer this thing at unx stretches out with NO ACTION, PROPER COMMENT, OR ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY by BMFD and his cronies/puppets, the more convinced I am of how dirty and corrupt he is and how poisonous his presence is to the program. The longer it goes, the worse the punishment should be for the university and the program.

As a taxpayer, I am very saddened that tax dollars go to support individuals with this level of unethical behavior as exhibited by BMFD. As time passes, that perspective widens to include Holden Thorp, who is as close to a do-nothing as unx has ever had at its helm. Baddour doesn't even warrant comment, he is so inept. The level of corruption in this o­nE situation is SO high that the university should have made it its MISSION to have called this year a wash and purged that program of the vermin pervading through it from the staff down to the last involved player they could find. Their lack of action and AUDACITY to even MENTION appeal of sanctions against players who WILLING VIOLATED KNOWN RULES much less their stupidity in making those appeals truly exposes how corrupt BMFD has made the program and anyone connected to it. HE IS A POISON.

I hope the DTH and other media run their lawsuit until its last possible hour, until every thread and hair of corruption is ferreted out and exposed. Those students are making themselves personally vulnerable (who knows what evil can be done by someone so unethical?) but it is admirable that at least THEY are willing to expose the corruption within the program. NO o­nE WHO IS PAID TO KEEP THE PROGRAM CLEAN is bothering to take action - they're too busy making excuses and covering the corruption, like a cat working over its litterbox after he does his business.

Published Nov 20, 2010 - 05:22 PM



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